This is my diary where i dumped whatever i read on the net for future reference. And I do pen down some of my odd thoughts here and on things i face everyday.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blogging tool box for successful blogging

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Disclaimer: This article is totally a joke and not to be taken as it is written.

COOPERATE JOKES: The joke that brings you luck!

Dear Diary,
One day, an old lady went to the Bank of Canada with a large bag full of money. The old lady insisted to speak to the president of the Bank in order to open a savings account because, she said, she had a lot of money.
After many discussions an employee took her along to the office of the president.
The president of the Bank asked her how much she wanted to deposit.
She answered him 165.000$, while putting the money on his desk.

Curious, he asked her how she succeeded in saving such a lot of money.
The old lady answered him that she made bets.
The president quite surprised asked her: "Which kind of bets?"
The old lady answered him: “For example, I bet you $25,000 that your testicles are square".
The president started to laugh and pointed out that this kind of bets was impossible to win!

Then, the old lady replied: "Would like you to make this bet?".
"Certainly, answered the president, I guarantee you 25.000$ that my testicles are not square."
The old lady thus said to him: "I agree. But given the importance of the implied sum, I will come back tomorrow at 10 AM with my lawyer as witness if you don’t see any inconvenience."

"No problem " said the president of the Bank very trustfully
That evening, the president became very nervous about the bet and spent a long time in front of his mirror examining his testicles, turning them in all directions, again and again, in order to make sure that his damned testicles could not be seen as square and therefore to be sure to win this bet.
On the next day, 10 AM sharp, the old lady arrived with her lawyer at the office of the president to confirm the bet of $25,000 for the fact that his testicles were square.
The president confirmed that the bet was in agreement with the commitments taken the day before.
The old lady thus asked him to drop his trousers, and the remainder, so that she and her lawyer can see everything; what the president kindly did. The old lady came then closer to see and asked him whether she could touch them or not.

“Of course please do!", said the president to her, given the fact that there is so much money involved, you must be 100% sure.
And the lady started to do so with a smile..
The president realized that the lawyer was strucking his head against the wall.
He asked the old lady why the lawyer was reacting like that.
She answered: "It is probably due to the fact that I bet $100,000 with him that, around 10 AM, I would be holding the testicles of the president of the Bank of Canada in my hands!

The origin of this Canadian story is unknown, but it brings luck to all those who will receive it. The person who will break the chain will certainly be quite unlucky. Do not keep this joke for you. Just send it to five of your friends whom you wish luck. You will see that something good will arrive to you in the next four days. Finally, this will make everybody laugh, so send it!
If you send this joke to more than 5 people: well, you will have luck during the 5 next years, in addition to the luck that will come to you within 4 days.
I said it to you: this is a "lucky joke”!

Storytime: Bullycock & Pussycat

Dear Diary,
It's been long I heard you laughing out loud. well, laughter is good for health, so hear me say one: It's about Bullycock and Pussycat.

Pussycat:Hi!Bully, why are all the old cat on strike today?
Bullycock: I heard the young pussy are drinking all their milk. Remember, you drank it too.
Pussycat: You were dying to give me.
Bullycock: You were thirsty, I just did like the old Samaritan.
Pussycat: If that's a kinda good work then, why the old cat on strike.
Bullycock: Because they are thirsty for milk too.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Dear Diary,
I am back and I miss you alot.Today I bring you 3 best celebs quotes I read on the web today.
1. "Indiana Jones. I really loved the movie because the old guy wins."
– Republican presidential candidate John McCain, on the last movie he saw, to PEOPLE

2. "Kinda weird to eat your dog. But I got past it."
– Pete Wentz, on his life-size-replica birthday cake of his dog Hemmingway, blogging on

3. "Once you go black, you never go back, Dave!"
– Will Smith, trading kisses on the cheek with David Letterman, on The Late Show

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Dear Diary,
I think you have heard about the Google company and their Ad program called ADSENSE for publishers online. You will find hardly a blog or a website without Google ads today. Millions are using it as a way of earning money, though i have not tasted so far. But as far as i can see peoples are really successful in this business.

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Dear Diary, if you are bore sitting on my desk the whole day, why don't you give it a try! You can sign up here. You can buy yourself a new cover by the money you earn and winter is approaching soon. You know it's damn cold here. I will be telling more about earning money online and many successful Ad program on the net. For now you better have a look at Google adsense.


Dear Diary,
I have been reading for many years about celebrity and their life and this is one funny thought I imagine about them...

They sing the most romantic song with many vows and dined
in the most expensive place. The next day in the headline
I saw with their lawyers for the divorce.

I conclude there are many celebrity who are not in the list I imagine above but I can't tell anything what will be the headline tomorrow.